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 Interior Design

Decorating, Architecture and Landscaping | International Renown

Bangkok  Full Service Residential and Commercial | By Bespoke Designer: Deli LaBarck

Home Decorating

  Interior Design and decorating  has been the lifeblood for IP since it’s humble beginnings in the New York and New Jersey areas over 30 years ago.  Hence, our company’s name.

Our company  director and team of professionals provide the best in residential and commercial interior architecture. We are renown for our beautifully unique and inspiring decor fitouts as well as our Luxury home drawings | plans.

In short, we are highly-experienced and educated in residential and commercial Interior Design and Home Design Architecture.

In the past 15 years in Thailand our company has grown exponentially to serve our clientele better.

Our company is divided into 8 teams who work as one when needed :

  1. Local  Interior Design for Bangkok and surrounding Thailand
  2. Internationally VIP Luxury Fitouts \ Projects in Southeast Asia
  3. Home Design and Architectural Drawings
  4. Business Decor for hotels, restaurants, clubs, malls, etc.
  5. 3D Rendering and AutoCad Drawing Services
  6.  Project management, Built-In Storage and Furnishings
  7. Renovations, Product Sourcing and Fitouts
  8. Web Development, Branding and Local Business Marketing

Our team of dedicated employees /friends / family (all considered one in the same)  make sure that we provide the very best solutions and service possible. Furthermore, we make sure that all interior or exteriors products are purchased at the very best prices for our customers. Our Sourcing teams work with the number one Decor center in Southeast Asia and the best suppliers globally so our projects and clients get the best pricing possible.

It is important to have a summary of our  overall design styles:

We provide a warm, inviting, open,  friendly and highly functional approach to our initial phase of the design process.  We then tailor to our customers total needs. Those needs are based on some of the following criterias and dependant on whether it is residential or commercial:

  •    Daily  home or business routines
  •   Summary of company
  •   Company colors
  •   Company Statement and theme
  •   Amount of family members
  •   Functional Work space
  •  Attention to type of personalities in the household
  •  Whether their are family pets
  •  Lifestyles

The majority of our designs fall into either an Asian Zen, Modern Contemporary, Standard Contemporary, Classic Chic or Open Minimalist Styles. We find these styles to fit the bulk of today’s most popular  Interior Design  trends within Southeast Asia.

Architecture and Landscape Design

Our team strives to  provide that total project balance with Home Architecture and Landscape Design.

While we are very well-known for our Commercial Interior Design, we prefer to keep out architecture to residential luxury homes. Our design theme is purely a combination of Minimalist, Asian Zen and Luxury Contemporary with an openness that provides connection with nature, urban settings and family so our clients to live life to the fullest.

Likewise, our Landscape design team focuses on a combinations of Asian Zen and Urban landscape Stylings to augment the prior type of architectural dwellings.

What we do not do:

  •         Projects that require the lowest shoestring budgets possible
  •         Projects that have “immediate” time schedules
  •         small Condos or apartments

What type of  Projects we do:


  • Standard to High-end Luxury Interior Design | Home or Business
  • Home Architectural Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Bespoke, Built-in Kitchen, Bathroom, Storage, Furniture Design
  • Large and/ or Luxury Condos
  • Hotels, Resorts, Spas, Restaurants, Clubs, Etc


  •  High-end Luxury Interiors | Residential and Commercial
  •  3D Render and AutoCad Services
  •  Hotels , Malls, Restaurants
  •  Bespoke, Built-in Kitchen, Bathroom, Storage, Furniture Design