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Bangkok  Full Service Turnkey  Residential and Commercial Interior Design| By Managing Director: Jack Anthony LaBarck

Home Decorating

  Interior Design and home decorating  has been a great passion for me since my humble beginnings in New York and New Jersey  over 32 years ago.  Hence, the company’s name. It really sums up what it’s all about for me and those who work alongside me.

Our company team consists of  a very small, but highly-experience team of interior design, architectural and building professionals who rely on each other’s skills.

In my opinion, what makes this particular Interior Design company different, is that each of us maintain our individualism This allows us the freedom to work without being restricted to a cubical space within an office. Everyone remains in sync when it comes to each project. We all work from our home offices most of the time and make use of all the modern tools of connectivity between important meetings. More importantly it keeps our fees grounded since we’re not married to a large overhead. This adheres to my win-win belief of business.

What our combined skills allow us to do are some of the following:

  1. Locally:  Interior Design for residential and  Commercial Projects
  2. Internationally: Only high-end luxury home or Businesses
  3. Architectural Drawings for Villas and Home design Only
  4. Small 4-5 star hotels, restaurants, clubs, shops, schools, fitness centers.
  5. 3D Rendering and AutoCad Drawing Services
  6.  Project management, built-in furniture and storage
  7. Home and business renovations, product sourcing, turnkey builders
  8. bespoke design

Here is a brief summary of our interior design styles we do well in:

  •  Modern
  •  Modern Contemporary
  •  Contemporary
  •  Luxury Contemporary
  •  Modern Luxury
  •  Classic
  •  Modern Classic
  •  Chic
  • Modern Chic
  • Rustic
  • Rustic contemporary
  • Loft
  • Industrial
  • Industrial Loft
  • Classic Luxury
  • Zen
  • Thai Style
  • Nautic
  • Aeronautic
  • Scandinavian
  • Minimalist

We have found that the majority of our interior design projects for Foreigner clientele fall into these five categories:  Asian Zen,  Modern Contemporary,  Loft,  Minimalist. Modern Thai Zen.  However, we find that the bulk of our Thai National Interior Design Clients fall into these three categories: Luxury Classic Contemporary, Modern Luxury Contemporary and Scandinavian.

Restaurant , Hotel and Office Design

My initial focus of a commercial interior design project is always on the functionality. Then we decorate the needed functions and spaces to define the company, business or service it represents in a beautifully cohesive manner. I look for the flow of  harmony within the design. It has to represent the company and service by telling a story to the eyes of their clients.

On the Commercial side of Interior Design, we are often asked to do small 4 to 5 star hotels, restaurants, International schools and offices, mainly in Bangkok, and Pattaya. We only do VIP Luxury design of residential and commercial projects outside these areas, Especially outside of Thailand. We usually stay within Southeast Asian region for our VIP clientele. However we do occasionally get  new VIP requests outside these areas. This is obviously due to the cost of travel and lodging for the clients.

In Bangkok and close surrounding areas, we do a lot of what local interior design firms do. We many full condominium projects. When I say full, it refers to everything from The consultations, renovation, bespoke built-in furniture and storage, autocad’s, 3D renders, material boards, Purchasing all products and furnishing at better pricing than our client usually are able to negotiate, the fitout and project management. This allows our customers to enjoy the process without all the running around.  We have many  full townhouse, family home and villa projects as well.

So I hope thus provides a better insight to our interior design company which is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Remember, we are refreshingly different, older and more refined by our year of experiences. We’re easy going, laid back, fun-loving, pleasant, but highly focused on what needs to be done. Now you know who I am and who we are as a small team independent professional, so pick up your phone and call me, Jack at 0867118520 or add me to your LINE app using the ID: cdcservicesolution  and tell me it’s about design, so I know to add you. Aside from that – you can use our contact form. Either way, I’d love to here from you.