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Interior Design Bangkok

Interior Decorating

Deli LaBarck, Interior Passion Co LTD and Team  are simply one of the best choices for your home or business. Why? Simply put,  and for starters: “We have over 55 years experience in the Interior Design and Architectural industry between both Company Directors for  our Interior Design Bangkok company.

Who are our clients? And, why do they hire us?  Our clients range from your very normal, everyday,  hardworking businessmen and women and then we have our VIP Thai Nationals and Foreign Business Owners  Clients, that are living and doing business in Thailand or abroad. Our clients also  range from different corners of S.E. Asia and occasionally, beyond these boundaries. We’ve done work in Dubai, Africa, USA  and Australia  on special occasions. However, our main focus usually stays in Bangkok and Pattaya nearly 50% of the time,  while Hua Hin, Phuket and Khoa Yai  take about 25 % of our yearly average and then,  rest of S.E. Asia for the remaining percentage. There are a few projects we do outside these areas per year, but only those are reserved  for when our team and client feel that mutually excitement for a project.

And, within all this,  it is about having a great team. A team that continuously researches the best products and pricing  available globally for our clients. Then, having that ability to know where  the trends are heading  and knowledge on balancing all these elements of Interior Design and Architecture.
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Interior Renovations and Architectural Design

Residential or Commercial Projects

Sometimes, there is no need for the added expense of  3D Renderings or costly media presentations on some projects. Home Renovations or Interior Architecture can be less costly at times and may not require any more than a few drawings, example images, material  and mood boards. . However, there are many questions that have to be answered first. It is always dependent on the needs of the client and  on the complexity of the project. There are usually a few different ways that  we can help you to achieve your desired goals. This is why it is important for that initial consultation with us or another design company. An honest Interior Design company will ask all the right questions, take the time to analyze the amount of work that will need to be done and supply you with enough options.

Interior Renovations and Architectural Design can become much more costly due to the use of inexperienced design companies and the client trying to save as much money as possible. That said, you need to careful by finding the right balance for all your personal needs. Our experience almost always leads our clients to a better destination in their project. So call Interior Design Bangkok and ask for Deli.