Interior Design

Interior Design and Architecture by Interior Passion brings the very best in Residential  and Commercial Interior decorating. We are a full service solution company found in 1992 by founder Deli LaBarck. our founder is a 3rd generation builder from NY and NJ area of the states as well as international bespoke designer.

Our team is well trained, caring and passionate about what they do. Whether it is full service decorating  for the home or business or it is a room addition for the house or some  home renovation…we are there to provide the very best solutions possible.

Some of our clients want that very unique home!  They want the very best in Architecture and Urban Landscape design for that exterior wow!  Regardless of your needs IP is the most full service solution in turnkey, bespoke Interior Design you can find

    • Commercial Design and Architecture From Start to Finish!
    • Luxury Designs that Turn Heads!
    • Restaurant and Shop Designs
    • Always Helping Friends and Working Hard!
    • Club and Pub Designs
    • Pushing the envelope For Architectural Home Design
    • Educational Centers and Schools Designs
    • Always being Nominated for Design & Architectural Awards in Asia!
    • Built-In Kitchen , Bathroom and Storage Designs
    • Always Following & Sometimes Inspiring the Trends in Interior Design and Architecture
    • Renovating and Remodeling!
    • Professional 3D Modeling and Rendering
    • Mall and Showroom Design
    • Landscaping Architecture
    • Interior Passion Co LTD. The Best Choice for Beautiful and Unique Interior Design


The Premier Home and Business Decorating  and Architecture company   by IP founders in Bangkok.  We are proud to stand tall with over 55 years experience between themselves,  in full service design, architecture  and Urban Landscape design  industry. Interior Passion is a valued and trusted part of the interior design industry within Southeast Asia.


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Home Renovations

Our   Home Renovation,   and urban landscaping  Clients, range from just about every province of Thailand and about 45% of the countries in the world.  While we are an international Interior Decorating  company, our primary and local business usually keeps us with in Bangkok and Pattaya.



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Urban Landscape Design

Since Interior Passion Is A full turnkey solution company, we also provide exquisite urban landscape design  to integrate with our other departments .

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So, regardless if you need quality Interior Design Architecture, home renovations, urban landscape design or a combination of them all…We are here to help! Just give us a call at +66  (0) 86 7118520  or  look for our profile interiorpassion  on many of the messaging apps like “Line, Skype, Whatsapp, ICQ, etc