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Five Steps to Designing a Better Space

Five Steps to Designing a Better Space

It is not uncommon to get an inquiry regarding decorating someone’s home, especially where the budget calls for a different approach. Sometimes the budget can be too small for a full service design. Two alternatives to consider would be to hire us or someone else as an interior design consultant or to fly solo and use some simple decor tricks. Both can breathe some life into a dull space; however, our focus is on doing it yourself.

Five Steps to Designing a Better Space

Follow along with my five steps to designing a better space. OK? Let’s go!

1.) Subtract

The very first step is removing almost everything, except the pure functionality of the  room. For example, just leaving the sofa and chairs. Make sure they’re in the right place for  your daily needs and they maximize their functionality well.


2.) Contrast

The second step is creating the right balance of contrast in colors, textures and patterns. These can be throw pillows, blankets, curtains, art, etc. Keep in mind that if something makes you feel uneasy, it is probably balanced out wrong.

3.) Lighting

The third step is to make notes about the lighting during different times of the day. Include natural and electrical lighting. Balance them for the different times of day and for their mood. Consider the placement of different light sources too.


4.) Comfort

The forth step is to make the space comfortable while balancing all of the prior elements. Comfort to everyone is different. Pay attention to yours.

5.) Less is more

The fifth step is to continuously remind yourself that less is often, more!  It is in the nature of most humans to overdo. This could be patterns, shapes, colors and so on. Subtle changes that fade into view and blend nicely with the overall theme work best.

less is more

A summary of five design steps.

Aside from step 1, steps 2-5 are used interchangeably throughout the entire process. It takes constant tweaking to find the right harmony in any decorating process.  I conclude by saying that “design is precarious by nature”. Everyone has their own definition of beauty and functionality. That said, finding balance in all the steps is the best way to go.

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Jack Anthony LaBarck

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