Hotel Design

Hotel Design

Hotel Design

We have the passion and experience for producing the right type of hotel design for our clientele. Our focus is on small Bed and Breakfast to smaller medium size hotels with up to 60 rooms.

If you have a redesign or new resort idea and would like us to produce a highly- unique and functional space that leaves your clients happy and satisfied, then please set a free consultation with our hotel design team.

Hotel Room Design

We provide beautiful hotel design well-suited to Thailand and surrounding Southeast Asian Countries.

The marriage between the branding and design is essential to the overall project.  The room decor should reflect the hotel’s theme and statement. It should provide the best in comfort, longevity and functionality. Moreover the design should be cost effective.

Resort Design

Along with the propor decor, it is also key objective within or plans to have excellent lighting design. This sets the mood and  level of relaxation or excitement within different areas of the hotel. We call this smart lighting and this is also part of our hotel design process.