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How to Prepare for Interior Design

how to prepare for interior designHow to prepare for interior design, architecture and / or landscaping is essential and saves you a lot of time if done correctly. Further, it give you a usable set to send to as many companies as you would like or until you find the right company for your project.


The first thing you will need are some images of design styles you like regardless if it is interior design, architecture or landscaping. Save these to a folder called design ideas or similar and name them  so they are easy to relate to. As an example, “living room design”,   “Kitchen Design”, “Outdoor Pool area”, “Front Architectural View of house”, etc.  Remember to keep the file size as low as possible. A 800 by 600 Pixel picture saved at a 30% quality usually works fine.

Second thing to do is to prepare a well-done summary of your needs, outlining things like, design styling, functionality, how the space will be used, is the project a residential project or commercial project, etc. The more clearly defined information you provide, the more tools a design firm will have in hand to review during their daily meetings. Now, you are almost half way there!

You can use our Interior Design Ideas Fanpage  or you can use our Interior Decorating Styles page on Pinterest  … for ideas on the style you like.

Above,  you see some sample images that can be saved and sent to us as examples of which style you are attracted to. Of course using the two links above will give you thousands of choices!

Next on the list is overall project size in sqm. Take each room and multiply length times width to find the total sqm. Example 5 meters  by 3 meters equals 15 sqm. Make sure to total up all the space. Please note that all companies will usually remeasure the space once they are procured as the designing company, regardless if it is architecture, interior decor or landscaping.

If it is a business, provide a company statement, any branding, company colors, company logo and theme as well as an overall summary of  daily routines and functionality.

For residential design it is important to summarize who will be living in the house (including family pets), what are the daily routines, personalities, likes and dislikes in living space, lighting, privacy, etc.

If your project is a Luxury Condo or Townhouse please read this article on How to prepare for Luxury Condo Design

It is a good idea to look at paint colors by top companies like Nippon Paint, Berger, Jotun or TOA to get an idea of the colors you are attracted to.

In the meantime you can call our office to get help with the best pricing on all interior products. Interior Passion can often get items for less, due to the amount of product we buy per year.  It is best to make an appointment with Mr Jack Anthony LaBarck for one on one help.

While this may seem like a lot of work, I assure you that it will save you time and money by being well-prepared.!

Lastly, having a very basic starter floor plan is essential  regardless if it is residential, commercial, hotel or restaurant design. A very basic and rough floor plan will show the current layout with measurements. If you do not have a basic floor plan, then any company you hire should be able to do one for you. Always keep a PDF and DWG file (AutoCad) file locked away for any redesigns in the future.  Once designs are complete you should own rights to all documents and Design or architectural files.

For more on How to prepare for interior design see one of our blog articles: Preparing for Interior Design

If you have any more questions please call us at +66 (0)86 7118520  or see our contact page

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