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Bangkok Interior Design

How Choosing the Right Company Can Help
bangkok interior design
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With the multitude of condominiums in the Big Mango and the growing number of new business investing in store frontage, Bangkok Interior Design projects are always big on the list of things that are in demand! That includes both residential and commercial designs. They seem to go hand in hand as many foreigners flock here yearly to invest.  BKK is a city that shows no signs of slowing!  So, it should be no surprise that many of the Design companies across the globe look to be part of this continued growth. However, it would be a mistake to think that being a well-known company with talented designers and architects is all you need! It doesn’t work that way here or as most people might assume it does.

Most experienced and well-known design companies often know where the real demand for them lay.  This is why you’ll see such companies targeting tourist areas with larger hospitality groups or larger city architecture and development.  Moreover, these large scale projects are always ongoing throughout the popular segments of Thailand.  Very few well -know companies fair well when trying to fit themselves into the Bangkok scene, as it were.

There is a specific unwritten formula for dealing with local projects and they’re far more complex in nature than most people are able to comprehend! The local elements are part of a cultural rhythm which has embedded itself deeply into local communities, through many a decade.  While these communities do give some allowance to local evolution, they always retain the inherent nature of its people and culture.  In this respect, local Bangkok Interior Design companies have a greater understanding of the locals, trends and designs styles that do well. It is a significant part of why we see so many businesses either develop or fail.  In my 17 years doing Interior Design here, I have seen and continue to witness my fair share of the prior.

From my perspective, Bangkok is much like Manhattan was back in the mid-80s. There are many different styles and culture at play throughout, yet the community as a whole adheres to a very distinctive direction.  Hence, it is highly-important for a design company to know how this all works in relation to a company, a brand, a home or condominium. This is exactly where having local experience can win the day for all involved.

There are more than a few good local companies in and around Bangkok similar to our own. Each has its own fingerprint and method for developing a space. This leads any potential client to the final step, which is choosing the right company for their needs. It should be a company that they feel secure to sign with and one which leads them towards a rewarding beginning. It is irrelevant as to how these things are accomplished. However, it is imperative that the end results provide a win-win for every person involved. I truly believe that every great project gets it momentum from a good energy!

The best way to understand the importance of my words, is by travelling about to the local malls or communities. Only then, does it become apparently clear how important it is to choose the right location and design company to put you on the path towards success. As examples:  A mall may look visually pleasing, with a great atmosphere,   yet something is strangely missing.  Most evident is its lack of clientele which reiterate the harsh reality of poor choices.  On the flip side, almost all residential projects start off looking great, but they’re certainly not all developed with the same quality standards in mind. (Yes, we can help you there as well.) The proof of this lies in the amount of communities that are already coming apart at the seams like poor stitching! All within 3 to 4 years after opening.  Pick the wrong one and you’ll never see your investment come back home.

Having touched upon these important issues, I hope you have a better idea of how you should approach your project! Bangkok Interior Design firms come and go, much like many businesses and communities, but those who sustain and develop with the communities are the ones that can usually help you to succeed with your dreams. Remember: the process of design should not be a chore! It should be an adventure and joyful experience.

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