life as an interior designer

life as an interior designer

Life as an Interior Designer

 Part 1

Want to be an Interior Designer?

There are certain perceptions that do not fit the norm about life as an interior designer that I’ve learned over the past 30 years. I will address some of them in a few blog articles for the students of residential or commercial design or potential Interior decorators still trying to decide what is right for them.

life as an interior designer

Design is seldom free of obstacles

To start with, there is no such thing as perfection and seldom any problem free projects that exist in the world. There are almost always always factors that create detours in your plans (almost daily). This is especially true since certain design careers involve a lot of complexity, planning, adjustments and a bit of luck. By luck, I mean this; if you are doing turnkey interior work and project management – the combination of people and attitudes, work ethics and personalities involved on both sides of the fence… are at times, taxing. In short, it takes the right person to handle these areas. It is often the difference between winning and losing.

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Know your Clients very well

Another area of Interior Design that is extremely important is the ability to understand the fundamentals of psychology when it comes to your clientele. Be aware that this can become far more complicated when dealing with clients that have two or more individuals involved in the process of the design. Again, having the right person in this position is very important to the journey it will take.


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It is inherent that many employees will come and go within this field of work. They often want to travel and experience different companies and techniques, so the above mentioned obstacles, always stand waiting at your front door!

 Take Away

Be careful about your initial perceptions of living life and work as an Interior Decorator. There are many unseen hurdles that are not learned straight from the classroom. They’re often a sudden series of swift kicks from the school of hard knocks! We’ll cover more in part two of this article.

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