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life as an interior designer

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The Perceptions

There are certain perceptions that do not fit the norm about life as an interior designer.  I’ve learned this much over the past 38 years.  Especially now, where the lines blur between job descriptions.  I believe there is that magazine image of a plush and polished lifestyle in the heads of some new designers. It seems to cloud the reality of long days, ruffled clothes, and those moments of you slipping into a quiet space for some mental readjustments. Truth is, that it’s a little of one and a lot of the other. 

life as an interior designer

Design is seldom free of obstacles

There is no such thing as perfection in this world! And life as an Interior designer isn’t any different. But Passion! That’s what keeps you going.  That, along with the obstacles that make you better at your craft. There will always  be factors that throw havoc in your plans (almost daily).  In today’s industry, Interior decorators, designers, and interior architects are becoming harder to separate by rigid lines.

Psychologist, salesperson artist, management, rendering  guru and AutoCad – for some of us, we’re a little of them all.

It can be and usually is emotionally taxing during most weeks.  It takes the right person to handle the pressures for the desire of doing good work. How you handle it is often the difference between winning and losing.

complexity of design

Know your Clients very well

As I already alluded to, it is an important trait to understand the fundamentals of psychology.  Aligning your client’s needs, functionality and budget is the hardest learnt skill for most designers. Patience is a must, as it can get complicated quickly with most projects. You can go through a whole bag of emotions is a single day if you’re not careful. So! Should you be a designer? Sure! If you have the passion, drive,  and the ability to thrive on the roller coaster ride days. And being grateful you made it all come together with your team -resulting  in a happy customer

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It’s not surprising how many employees will come and go within this field of work. They often want to travel and experience different companies and techniques, to learn new methods of design and the obstacles that can stand waiting for them? There is no end to the excitement involved. Right?

 So, the takeaway?

Be careful about your initial perceptions of living life and working as a dedicated designer. There are many unseen hurdles in every job. They’re often a sudden series of swift kicks from the school of hard knocks!  But, if you really love what you do, it all is worth the white knuckle days.

Thank you for Reading!

Thank you for spending some time reading and sharing. I hope this made some of you want to live life as an interior designer.  BTW, If you have questions please send by contact or leave a comment below. Also, please check back often or sign up for updates for new posts.

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