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7 Interior Design Trends in 2020

7 interior design trends in 2020
Interior Design
with softer textures

Introduction: 7 Interior Design Trends in 2020

every Year brings that anticipation of change! What will the new fashions, furniture, lighting, architecture and home decor styles a la mode be? Then there are the Pantone colors of the year. They’re both the largest contributors to pushing the entire design industry in new directions. However, some decorators push new styles in unique directions, and that becomes further inspiration for trends to grow.

Irregardless of borders and countries, the Interior decor industry has a way of breaking down walls to create new statements. And many of us eagerly await to see what the 7 interior design trends in 2020 will be like. I am one of them, waiting to see if I have been on the right path. I’ve already seen the advertisements on new condos are in line with my expectations for Bangkok interior trends. That means the major interior design companies have already been contemplating a change. Please note that I update my posts from time to time. So I can also give feedback to the changes I’ve seen during any of updates. 

Vibrant colors and softer textures.

 We look towards the fashion world to be the inspiration for Interior colors, textures, and patterns. We go through this every year. First it’s fashion, then pantones colors, and finally Interior Design and Architecture. The direction in the fashion industry appears to be pointing at vibrant and cheerful earth tones. So I believe golden-yellows, a softer side of neo-green, coral whites and lighter variations on classic blue will top colors. It’s “Back to nature”, as they say. We will also welcome velvety textures and softer suede leathers over regular leathers and cottons for couches and sofa chairs.

The Design Trends That Will Be IN and OUT in 2020 – What …
Nov 22, 2019 best interior design trends 2020. Douglas Friedman/Laurey Glenn Photograph. Oh, the joys of the new year. As we honor Earth’s revolution …

 I think we’ll see minimalism, with its primary greys as the base tone, fade out and as we embrace more of the colors, I already mentioned.  

softer textures for 2020
Vibrant earth tones
from Italianbark

 I like this shift in design. But I still like minimalist architecture as the basis of the design. 

What we’re seeing is a nice mix of Scandinavian and Italian influence with a splash of modern contemporary thrown-in. So, you can get away with leaning towards favoring one design-styles; so long as you have the right balance. 

Open Space – Natural lighting

 Vibrant earth tone colors work well with a combination of open space and natural lighting. A perfect match in my book. 

People are moving away from large spaces and embracing that city condominium feel of loft style apartments, higher ceilings and larger windows!  We can make powerful design statements is such spaces! Right?  This reminds me a bit of New York -back in the days that everyone was turning old factories into Loft style apartments and homes. As my mother always said; “things have a way of coming back into style”. 

Natural woods tones …

Use of natural woods in the right places add harmony to the interior architecture.  It also adds feelings of comfort, warmth and longevity into the picture. Now, we put the right metals, clay or ceramic hardwares, along with some stylish textures, then we bring out the very best in a fresh new Interior. 

natural woods.
Natural woods being used In 2020
Interior Design Trends

Black and Touches of Lighter Grey

Using touches of lighter greys, textured metals such as brushed steel or copper hardwares and the right lighting, bring out the highlights of natural woods.  Adding a few plants and color to the interior decorators stew and you’ve got yourself a prescription for ushering in new concepts in design.  I wouldn’t go too hard on any grey. Just a hint here and there can work nicely. There was so much grey for the past 5-8 years (depending on where you live), that many are still in “grey shock”, if such a thing exists. So, yeah! Go lighter and just use it to break up the main theme a little. 

Framing your windows and door frames in black can really be the icing to the cake! I am personally drawn in by thin matt black window framing. It is such a cool look. Maybe that’s just me.

decor trends
Perfect for Touches of color to the natural woods and ground tones
LifeStyle Magazine

High Ceilings and Big windows!

High ceiling space and large windows are perfect primers for that natural lighting. Who’s spirits wouldn’t find joy in such a decor? I say 2020 Interior Design trends will bring a great year for designers and home owners. A good decorator or interior architect will know how to use the natural lighting when doing the layout for your new home, condo or apartment space. Bangkok Interior Design enthusiast would welcome such a trend in their growing city. I can see that happening as I am writing this article too. 

high ceiling space


So What do you think? Am I close or am I off the mark? I’d love to hear your opinions on what 2020 Interior Design Trends has in store for us. II think it’s all good!

My Conclusion?

I believe this image is a great representation of what will become the interior trends you will see in all the magazines, on Pinterest and top interior decorating blogs!

If you’re a blogger and like to share articles, let me know. Kind Regards from Jack at ArtBox Bangkok