About Interior Passion

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About Interior Passion

Bangkok Based International Interior Design Firm


Interior Passion began as a deep passion for design and art from this founding director, Deli LaBarck. Over 32 years later IP has become rooted in Bangkok, Thailand and has been so for the past 15 years. So to know about Interior Passion, you must first know about its creator.

Meet Mr Deli LaBarck :

deli labarck


I (Deli) started my training in New Jersey and New York beside  my mother’s side of the family. Every summer me and a few of my cousins would work with our uncles. First , Second and now, third generation builders getting all together and getting dirty, tired and learning  many building skills the old fashion way. My training started by about 9 years of age and continued into my late teens every summer time. By the time I was a young adult, I could basically build a house from the ground up.

During that time I started designing for my friends and family as a passionate side hobby for extra cash. However, people started to take notice and more people were asking me to design for them. I started doing Bespoke design for Built-in Furnishings, bars, kitchens, bathrooms, storage, etc.  Often, building my own design in my parent’s garage. Then,  a few internships later with a few major named Steel construction companies throughout the eastern seaboard I decided to take a break and go back to school for business, then design and then IT/computer science…all part time courses. However, the filled in some of the parts I needed,

I then returned to New York  for a while and started a small version of Interior Passion out of my home. Almost 17 year later I worked my way down to Florida where I met my wife (who is Thai) and eventually decided to try to move our company to Thailand..within 2-3 years of doing some smaller projects in Bangkok and some larger ones internationally…I started to build a name working with other companies throughout many Southeast Asian countries. Even today, a lot of our work on larger projects are joint ventures with other interior design or architecture firms  Many other projects are solo ones with my team. These projects are usually small to medium size Commercial projects like hotels, restaurants, Villas, Luxury Homes, Large Condos, Developments fit-outs, etc.

So here we are 15 years later and still growing throughout Southeast Asia and locally within Thailand. It takes a lot of dedication and ethics to build a reputation that good and to stay in business this long. Something I am very proud of.

What type of designs do we do? I say unique one of a kind that are highly functional and will stay design ready for years to come. Meaning that a great design is simple in nature but it has a strong functionality at its core. This allows the design to change with time and to stay within trend, rather than getting outdated quickly.

Read some of our client’s testimonials We’re always shuffling them so you get to read from different clients.

Whether it is interior design , home architectural design or landscape architecture, my team can make your home, hotel or business breath-taking and highly-functional. Inspiring others, rather than looking for inspiration.

Kind Regards

Deli LaBarck and Team, Interior Passion