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Real estate management professional with over 23 years experience
David Smith

In my dealings thus far with Deli, I have been genuinely impressed with both his professionalism but also his attitude toward all things work related. Deli has a really positive and a friendly person who you immediately find that doing business with him is actually a pure pleasure This is an all too rare commodity in this day and age. I have seen some of his work and can not doubt nor question his abilities and it is his approachable manner that makes the whole package all the more enjoyable. I think we will become good friends for a long time to come.

Property Consultant at Rosewood Properties

In today's time starting business is a piece of cake but how to be successful has now been forgotten. Mr. Deli is a principled man with high ethics, a strong character that chooses quality and perfection over quick deals. His network as well consists of such people. I would recommend anyone to work with Mr. Deli with my eyes closed knowing that he will be taking care of the business once handed over to his end.

Business Development Manager Sanitary at Hafele Thailand Co, Ltd
Lionel Locolas

I had opportunities few times to make business with Deli and I would like to say that it is always a pleasure for me.
Beside his nice personality, Deli is very professional, loyal and has service minded, design and quality oriented knowing very well the market with a great business attitude.
I highly recommend Deli for any kind of project you need to deal with, Deli will make it smooth for you

Celebrity Designer California
Jason Haloossim

My experience with Deli has been positive and productive to say the least. Deli's positive energy and industry experience adds value to his professional status. He is a mentor for Designers everywhere, highly-skilled and an inspiration. He is extremely Informative, polite, and resourceful, Deli has opened the door to international opportunities and connections for me and my company. We have found a mutual ground to build our professional relationship on and I look forward to continued future dealings.

Chief Representative Thailand at Schüco
Oliver Yodrak Buranadis

I met Deli a couple time ago at CDC and was impressed about his friendly welcome and willingness to help me in different needs.

Deli is a must know person as he has an unbeatable passion for aesthetics and understand his clients that makes him stand out from the thousands of interior practitioners and web development experts.

He always pays close attention to what you say during consultation meetings and tries to capture the essence of your requests in his designs and feedback.

In other words, he doesn’t just create something that looks visually pleasing, but he also makes sure that it reflects the values of your company, website, product, or organization.

A versatile Friend and expert with an ethic mind and always ready with a solution whatever you need.

I suggest to contact or meet Deli at the CDC as soon as possible if you wish to receive a outstanding one stop service.

I wish Deli for the future all the best and that we soon have the chance to work on a new project together.

Entrepreneur focused on ASEAN + 6 Business Development through Lean / Operational Excellence
Jean F. Laugier

Deli and I "clicked" on a very innovative ASEAN based Real Estate investment project concept leveraging our our respective strength and professional network across Asia

While developing it I quickly realized that Deli was extremely passionate and knowledgeable about his work (Land & Real Estate Development, Architecture, Interior Design) and very articulate in interacting "the middle way" with both Asian and Western cultures which is a very rare quality.
He has as well a very sharp knowledge of web technology including how to efficiently set up fast and use professional social media platforms

Corporate or Individuals seeking a top professional in Land & Real Estate Development, Architecture, Interior Design should contact Deli who is Thailand based but with a global reach

Marketing & Creative Director of special design wallpaper & interior fabric decoration

Just first meeting yesterday, I found it a very impressive meeting with Khun Deli. He is very professional businessman, who shared his expectations and thoughts clearly. He asked quality questions and shared his concerns, which showed me how much he cares for the very best product to serve his clients.

He is also very supportive and encouraging man. I found that we have the same believed about law of attraction.. -We all attract the one who has the same preference, attitude, etc. and that makes we happy with life.-

With his professional working style and positive attitude towards life, I’m sure Khun Deli and his company , Interior Passion will bring the best value to both clients and partners.

Mai-BS (Thailand) Company Limited Hotelier Professional
Klaus R. Rauter

I like to write a couple of words after having the pleasure to meet Deli LaBarck at Bangkok.
Mr. Deli is an extremely open minded person, very sharp and always focused. I personally appreciate his humble "down-to earth" approach and professional approach. His good understanding of Thailand’s culture, challenges and working environment is hard to find and as per my resources, Crystal Design Center is a must-see for anyone who appreciates quality.

Klaus R. Rauter
Managing Director
Mai-BS (Thailand) Company Limited

Home Owner Samutprakan
William Benedict

In short, I can say this, Deli is certainly an expert and experienced in Interior Design , Architecture and Landscape design. I found he works diligently and gets the jobs done on time and within budget. Aside from this he is a really great guy to work with and know!

William Benedict

Managing Director | Allgood International Co., Ltd. and Founder of TRUSOL Bathware Company
Mike Thamvaranont

Deli is one of my mentors and friend. We met at his company, Interior Passion, and CDC later since I proposed my Bathtub and Wash Basin products to his team.

It is obvious that we got along well since we share common passion in serving clients the very best we can and do a great job for the design professional in property development in Thailand. Deli is a very trust-worthy person and that I feel lucky to have him around.

We often exchange idea and connection in business. He has a wide range of good connections and is without any doubt a key VIP person to know in Thailand land development market.

If you look for someone that can serve you in terms of interior design, Architectural Designs, Landscape architecture and be that person you are happy to work with, I can promise you need not look no further! He is a mans man for sure

Director at CMYKreative: Web Design, Web Development & Branding
Christopher Noble

I first met Deli LaBarck some time ago at one of his offices in Bangkok and then at his Service Solution Team office at Crystal Design Center.

Since we both come from different areas of the design industry , I thought it would be great to meet with him. I was not to be disappointed. Deli is a highly-likable individual with an impressive background in Building as well as Interior Design.

I found that we both believe in building strong business relationships with established business owners here in Thailand with the aim of helping each other on projects. Deli knows how to help others by sharing connections that are not necessarily related to the core of our own specialties and skill-sets. As an example, Deli has a very impressive SEO and webdesign team who round out his Interior Design and Architect company and cater to smaller businesses. Our company tend to be more focused on medium size businesses and logo / graphic design and branding.

I was impressed wit his attitude that we should not act as competitor, rather we should aid one another in the areas our individual companies excel. I found many other companies close and worried you want to steal their clients. So Deli was a breath of fresh air!

I have to say that Deli is a lovely guy to chat with, knowledgeable and friendly, and makes meetings a little less boring with his humor, and I would highly recommend him and his business to anyone needing Interior Design or Architecture projects completed. No questions, hands down he is a trusting man and a hard working with great ethics! I like people who think like me