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Built-in furniture design
Condominium Interior Design

We were really happy that Interior Passion, who did our built-in furniture / Interior Design and we would definitely recommend them to all our friends in Bangkok.

Jack was so great! He always tried to give us the best solutions and design options that fit both our wishes and budget. During the design stage, If my husband and I had any concerns regarding the design or the material, Jack would explain to us why he and his team made the recommended choices, what to expect of it from each one while giving us different options. As an example he specially explained how different materials responded to the humidity in Thailand and how we could blend new materials with older ones and how the longevity of each material was in relationship to the pricing, So he gave us many options and taught us a lot in the process.

We were impressed how fast they were completed with the installation after all the designing was verified by us. It only took 2-3 weeks after signing the contract that the furniture was already being installed at our apartment.

Jack would always be present when his built-in furniture team came. I felt so secure knowing he would stayed with them the entire time, supervising and making sure that the result was great. Unfortunately, near the end of the installation we had some troubles with our building structure, but Jack was great in finding the solution and made sure everything was perfect before leaving our condo.

My husband was very impressed also, so when Jack asked us if we could write about our experience, we felt happy to do so. He made our new home in Thailand and our experience dealing with Interior Design beyond our expectations. Jack acts like family and a friend!

Our experience, sincerely from
Stefania and Florent

Christopher Noble

When Jack asked me to write about my experiences with him and doing business, I was excited at the prospect.

I first met Jack about 12 years ago, at one of his offices in Bangkok and when his Team was involved with many commercial designs at Crystal Design Center and helping them in the different areas of the development of the design outlet.

Since we both come from different areas of the design industry , I thought it would be great to meet with him. I was not to be disappointed. Jack is a highly-likable individual with an impressive background in Building, architecture, renovation, as well as Interior Design. It was quickly obvious to me that he knew his stuff about construction and design.

Likewise, I found that we both believe in building strong business relationships with established business owners here in Thailand and abroad, with the aim of helping each other on projects. Deli knows how to help others by sharing connections. I found that he has a vast network of friends within Thailand and different areas of Asia and the USA, so he has been a tremendous help to our company and helping us build bridges in business.

Lastly I was extremely impressed with Jack's attitude and wisdom related to Southeast Asia and helping many Expats settle in here. So meeting someone like him was a breath of fresh air for me and much of my team who knows him!

You'll find Jack is a lovely guy to chat with, knowledgeable and friendly, and makes meetings far less boring with his humor, and the ability he has to connect with people. I can say without any reservation that I highly recommend him and his company to anyone needing Interior Design, Renovation or Architecture projects completed. No questions, hands down he is a trusting man and a hard working with great ethics! You do not find people like this gem too often these days. Especially with so many expats coming and going through Asia.

Lionel Locolas

I had the opportunity to first meet with Jack (or by his nickname that some people use, Deli) many years ago and It become quite clear how dedicated and ethical he is as a businessman and friend. He is such a wonderful individual. He is sharp and knowledgeable when it comes to this industry. From day one when we first met, it always remains a pleasure for me when we sit down to discuss business and providing quality product for his clients.

Beside his wonderful persona, Jack is very straight forward, honest, kind, loyal and is service minded. His designs are always uniquely beautiful and inspiring. You can see the passion and youthful sparkle in his eyes when it comes to every project. He is without any doubts, design and quality oriented, while knowing the market very well. Of course a great business attitude! I know many will think I am saying too many kind things, but trust me; he is a unique person in this profession. Only a small percentage exit like him from my experience and you will quickly find a friend in him.

I highly recommend Interior Passion for any kind of project you of. Make sure you ask for a meeting with Jack so you can see what I mean about him! You'll be grateful you did.

Thank you for allowing me to share my experience!


In today's time starting business is a piece of cake but knowing how to be successful has now been forgotten art. Mr. Deli (Jack) is a principled man with high ethics, strong personality, a good character who always chooses quality and perfection over quick deals or fixes.

I notice that Mr Deli is very particular about his network of friends and who he does business with. His vast network consists of such people like himself, so it is quite obvious that he attracts good people like himself. He has been very kind and helpful to me. At first, I was hesitant to think someone could be so kind and unselfish when it comes to business.

I would recommend anyone to work with Mr. Deli with eyes closed, knowing that he will have my back and be taking care of the business once you hand you project over to his end. Trust me, he is one awesome guy!

David Smith

In my dealings thus far with Deli, I have been genuinely impressed with both his professionalism but also his attitude towards all things work related. Deli has a really positive and a friendly person who you will immediately find inspiring and so intriguing to talk with. It is quickly noticeable that he is very intelligent and modest to boot.

As a professional Real Estate Agent with Investment company in Thailand I have found doing business with him is always a pure pleasure.

Our company uses Interior Designers for our clients all the time! We sometimes have to even redesign our own investments in order to rent them out quickly or make them easy to sell. Over the years we've used many Interior Designers. Some over charge when compared to what you actually get as a finished product. Some are too slow and it never gets done, some just disappear after the cost you money. However, I still remember the day a friend of mine introduced me to Jack and I thought ""sure, here we go again!". That feeling changed quite a bit after meeting him for he first time. You could see his confidence and experience and how well he worked with Thai Nationals. This is usually a problem with foreigners in Thailand because of cultural differences, but Jack is really a nice person and people take to him quickly. In the past 15 years he has done many Luxury homes and Condos for our clients as well as restaurants and hotels and offices. That being said, he has made my business life much easier to live with and less headaches fro me. Thank you Jack!

It is certainly all too rare of a commodity in this day and age. I have seen some plenty of his completed work and can not doubt nor question his abilities and it is his approachable manner that makes the whole package all the more enjoyable. I came in as a client and quickly became his brother.

Jason Haloossim

My experience with Deli has been positive and productive to say the least. Jack's positive energy and industry experience adds value to his professional status. As an celebrity Interior Designer and Writer for top design publications in the USA, I can assure you that Mr LaBarck is has been and is a mentor for Designers everywhere!

I interview many Architect, Interior Design and Building companies, so I can say with complete confidence that Jack is highly-skilled and an inspiration to all of us in this profession. The first impression that most people take away from their first meeting with him is this: He is extremely Informative, polite, but straight to the point and forward, as well as brilliantly resourceful if you stand to he side and allow him to do his job.

What I really owe to Jack is even with my resources, he has truly opened the door to many international opportunities and connections for me and my company. It is hard not to want to help this man and be his close friend. I can gladly say that We have found a mutual ground bond to build our professional relationship on and I look forward to continued future dealings.

Jack has wisdom, experience and a refreshingly likable personality. It is hard to just walk away as a business experience with Jack, he captures you heart!

Mike Thamvaranont

Jack is one of my mentors and has become a good friend to me. We met at his company, Interior Passion, and later on different projects since I proposed my Bathtub and Wash Basin products to his team.

Jack is very rare when it comes to interior design and architect directors. He is very hands on! Usually, I work with the design managers, but he wanted to see my products and ask questions. IT was clear that he cares very much about the products he uses for his clients. I always hear him saying that product knowledge is key to serving his clients well.

I hardly makes friends so easily as I did with Jack during meeting with different companies owners. He is older and more experience than I am, but he is always helpful and kind to me. He is like a big brother and provides good suggestions for my business.

It is obvious that we got along well since we share common passion in serving clients the very best we can and do a great job for the design professional in property development in Thailand. Jack is a very trust-worthy person and that I feel lucky to have him around. So many people are always out for themselves, but Jack honestly cares for every one. I find that
as long as you respect him, he will always give you that respect too. He is very straight in his opinion, but it is never to hurt anyone. He is honest but always with good intentions from what I always see.

I am happy to say that now we often exchange ideas and connections in this business. It is not surprising to me now that I know him, that he has such a wide range and vast area of good connections and is without any doubt a key VIP person to know in Thailand land development market.

If you look for someone that can serve you in terms of interior design, Architectural Designs, Landscape architecture and be that person you are happy to work with, I can promise you need not look no further! He is a man's man for sure

William Benedict

I do not like to write because it is not my thing, but I am happy to do for Mr Jack.

In short, I can say this, he is certainly thee expert and has plenty experienced in Interior Design, Architecture and Landscape design. I found he works diligently, knows many different people to help in most situations and gets the job done on time and within budget. Mine are usually small.

Aside from this he is a really great guy to work with and know!

We have since becomes friends and whenever I need renovation, design or just a friend to count on, Jack is always willing to help. He is also easy to trust with anything. He has my recommendation when ever he needs it, no problem.

William Benedict

Klaus R. Rauter

I like to write some words of admiration after having the pleasure to meet Deli in Bangkok over a cup of coffee and then moving on to having Deli (Jack) design for some of our client's hotels, restaurants, clubs and events that our Hospitality Agency does business with throughout Thailand, Asia and high-end luxury clients we have in places like Dubai. What I found really interesting was that Jack's company is quite independant and small, yet it seems that many large name companies abroad keep using him on different projects. More impressive is that he never really mentions all of this. I actually found out through my travels and during events with different Interior Design and architecture firms. When I asked him, he was very modest and said he likes to keep his company small and streamline so he can go where ever the winds take him. I hope he stays in Thailand though.

You will find that Deli is an extremely open minded person, very sharp and always focused and very intelligent not to forget humble. I personally appreciate his "down-to earth" approach and professional touch in everything. His understanding of Thailand’s culture and Asia in general which is a highly challenging working environment for any one. Yet, Deli makes it seem very easy and is always smiling and relaxed which always makes me happy to visit with him. This type of person is hard to find in my travels and in this business. As per my first glimpse of his hard work and commitment. I had heard that Crystal Design Center had hired him under contract to help design the showrooms and help the sales teams to learn about helping clients with Interior Design and much more. I was truly amazed at the change Jack made to the Mall outlet in his first year under contract with them. It went from boring to exciting, so I starting going there again. Sadly when Jack left his contract behind CDC seemed to slow as well and the excitement left with Jack. To me that says a lot about him. Interior Passion's work is a must-see for anyone who appreciates quality.

Give my buddy Jack a call! He's a very good person to work with and he knows his skill set well.

Klaus R. Rauter
Managing Director
Mai-BS (Thailand) Company Limited

Just first meeting yesterday, I found it a very impressive meeting with Khun Deli. He is very professional businessman, who shared his expectations and thoughts clearly. He asked quality questions and shared his concerns, which showed me how much he cares for the very best product to serve his clients. He is very rare for foreigner in Thailand. He almost seem like he is Thai so I can feel comfortable to speak with.

He is also very supportive and encouraging man. I found that we have the same believed about law of attraction.. -We all attract the one who has the same preference, attitude, etc. and that makes we happy with life. I can see why after I read many comments about him and meet people who know him, everyone seem to like so much. It seems also that he has a way to make you his life long friend too.

With his professional working style and positive attitude towards life, I’m sure Khun Deli and his company , Interior Passion will bring the best value to both clients and partners. Especially in the short time I know him, I feel he is extra good person with many friends who like him.

Jean F. Laugier

Jack and I "clicked" on a very innovative ASEAN based Real Estate investment project concept leveraging our our respective strength and professional network across Asia.

While developing my plan, I quickly realized that Jack was one of the most passionate and knowledgeable people in his line of work (Land & Real Estate Development, Architecture, Interior Design). He is very articulate and hypnotic when interacting his very prevalent "the middle way" with both Asian and Western cultures which is a very rare quality.

Jack has this very sharp witted mind that tends to deconstruct things so easily , like a puzzle master. I was sharing many area of technology of company delves into for investor as was so impressed that Jack knew about most of them already. I really do not know how such a busy person stays so up to date and very sharp about the daily advancements in technology like he does. I mean everything from electronics to coding and Business apps.
This was very impressive to me.

For those who are Corporate or Individuals seeking a top professionalism in Land & Real Estate Development, Architecture, Interior Design, you should seriously contact my friend Jack. Although he is Thailand based, it is obvious that he has an extensive global reach in this profession.

Oliver Yodrak Buranadis

I met Deli (Mr jack) a couple times a while back and never forgot him. He has a very good and lasting impression on you. I think I found that he is very strong in his presence. I went to CDC when it was under development and notice this very impressive person always busy inspecting shops and design work. I was interested in talking with him and found that CDC hired his company under a 5 year contract to help develop parts of it.

The first thing that I was impressed by about, was his friendly welcome and willingness to help me in different needs. It seems he has this way to make you feel like he is genuinely interested in you as a person. In time I found he knew so many people, but he never acted like this to me. He seems so humble, relaxed and easy to get along with. He makes you like him and you instantly want to be his friend. I fell I know him a long time already.

I have to say that Deli is a must know person as he has an unbeatable passion for aesthetics and understand his clients so well. Maybe I should say people. I believe that this really makes him stand out from the thousands of interior practitioners and business experts I meet daily in my Southeast Asian Travels.

Fro me, the thing I really like most about this man, is that he is very honest and straight to the point, but not in a bad way. I think it is because you can see he cares to help you with experience. We have since become good friends now. He treats me like I am home in my own country.

I noticed that he always pays close attention to what you say during consultation meetings and tries to capture the essence of your requests in his designs and feedback. He doesn't make it feel false, You can see or feel that he is very interested in you personally. I like this very much.

From my experience in this industry, he doesn’t just create something that looks visually pleasing, but he also makes sure that it reflects the values of your company, brand, product, home, family or organization. It's truly inspiring to witness his passion. He also explained why he decided on the company name of Interior Passion. It because so clear once you get to know Deli.

He has become a very versatile friend to know and an expert with an ethical mind who is always ready with a solution whatever you need one. He really is like a walking encyclopedia in many areas and a very smart person.

I want to suggest to contact or meet Deli if you need help in any way and as soon as possible if you wish to receive a really outstanding one stop service.

I always wish Deli the very best for the future he continues to make, even as he gets older his energy and passion still climb. I am always looking forward that next chance to work on a new project together with him , as you will find many people do. Please meet with him and you will see what makes him so very special to work with.